Inviting a new client to Winton from CacheFlo Advise

A household's Engage page is where you send client engagement emails. The first email may serve as the initial point of contact, as well as an invite to Winton.

Step 1 (optional).
Edit the Subject line of your email.

Step 2 (optional).
Personalize the email by including any information that may be helpful to your client, and by updating your email signature.

Step 3.
In the Send To dropdown, select your client's email address. You can also select yourself if you want a copy of the email.

Note: The Get started button will not work if you send a copy to yourself, so do not forward it to your client.

Step 4.
Press Send.

Save your template, as your modified client engagement email will be accessible across all of your households.

Note: You cannot remove the Get started button.

Step 5.
Confirm sending the engage email by clicking Yes.

Your client will receive the email and be able to create a Winton account, then accept you as a connection.🎉

Tip: Create a household using an email you have access to. Then send yourself an invite to Winton. It's a great way to experience the client user flow for yourself.

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